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The White Knight
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Darling Charming

The White Knight is the character from the Lewis Carroll story, Through the Looking Glass and represents the chess piece of the same name and where the White Knight saves Alice from his opponent the Red Knight.

White Knight is an old man who has served Wonderland for a long time. He was trapped in a wall between Wonderland and Ever After for ages until Darling Charming saved him ending up to Wonderland herself. Following the knight to his home he declared that Darling was a true hero and could find home by herself. From that moment on Darling Charming has been the White Knight in disguise.


The White Knight has a deep voice but if listened to carefully, a female voice can be heard also. The White Knight is kind-hearted and helpful.


The White Knight wears a suit of armour with a horse head shield on the front and there are feathers attached to the armour helmet. The White Knight has long white-blonde hair with blue streaks that hangs out of her armour helmet, cascading down the back of her armour.


As the White Knight is Darling Charming, her family is Dexter and Daring Charming and the daughter of Dr King Charming.


Darling saved the original White Knight and they became somewhat friends.


Nothing is known at this time about a romance.


Since she is Darling, her pet is Sir Gallopad.


  • At the end of Spring Unsprung, the White Knight is seen without her armour helmet and her long hair is partly tied up with a small tiara on top.
  • The White Knight helped Ginger Breadhouse save Wonderland.
  • The White Knight was under Wonderland and she saw the Cheshire Cat swop the Storybook of Legends with a cursed book.