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Wonderland Grove is a part of the Enchanted Forest, and is the link to Wonderland, the magical filled place that is part of the Land of Ever After. The Grove is the only part of Wonderland that is left to enter and the only way it can be entered is by Wonderlandians by drawing a specific image with their finger on a tall bush, in a part of the Enchanted Forest. The Evil Queen, Raven's mother, poisoned Wonderland and the fairytale world relies on Wonderland for its magic.

In the webisode Maddie's Hat-Tastic Party the students hold a tea-party in Wonderland Grove to help restore the fading magic.

Wonderland Grove

Wonderland Grove is a garden in Ever After that is filled with wonder seeping from the portals that link Ever After to Wonderland. It is effectively a mini-Wonderland, created to ensure that a retelling of the novels Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glassremains possible even with Wonderland itself poisoned. It is also one of the only sources of Wonderland magic for all who escaped from the Wonderland.


The Wonderland Grove needs a boost of wonder in order to keep it alive and flowing magic to Ever After in Maddie's Hat-Tastic Party


The Wonderland Grove is a garden on the edge of Ever After High's grounds. It is accessible through the forest, but there is also a portal to it in Duchess Swan and Lizzie Hearts's dorm room, in the form of a heart-shaped door. Lizzie is the only one allowed to enter through the door. The grove is tended by Lizzie, and holds myriad of different Wonderland plants. The Wonderland Grove is referenced as the single source of all magic in Ever After, which comes from Wonderland. A Wonderlandiful World While researching in the library, a conveniently-dropped book is found by Lizzie Hearts on how to tend a grove. She will hone what she learns and make a home for hedgehogs and any life from Wonderland in Lizzie Hearts's Story