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The Wonderland Haberdashery and Tea Shoppe simply known as the Mad Hatter's Hat and Tea Shoppe, is currently owned by Madeline Hatter and her father and is sometimes referred to as the Wonderland Tea Shoppe. It is a top tea shoppe for everyone in the Village of Book End and with its red wooden door, it is situated in the Main Street of Book End. As much as Madeline hates regular tea, most customers enjoy ordering that.


The Tea Shoppe has a red wooden door and a bell that rings when the door is opened. The walls and ceiling of the shop are covered with hats and hooks and even brightly painted doors of different shapes and sizes. Although the floor doesn't have those things it is instead packed with tea tables and chairs. It is always tea time at the Mad Hatter's Tea Shoppe.

In in the book Once Upon A Time: A Story Collection, from the desk of Maddie Hatter there is the Teatime* Menu for the shoppe that includes the following:

"*Teatime is any hour which a clock might point at a number--unless the clock has no numbers, or no hands, which is an alarming thing, and a case of alarms can only be cured by sitting down immediately with a cup of tea and perhaps a cookie.


Tea served with lemon, honey, and a sugar swizzle stick

Charm Blossom

dragon scale





chocolate rhubarb pumpkin raspberry dragon-fire

fortune teller

Note: Do not order Earl Grey unless you want a dapper dormouse to appear in your teacup.

{Other Beverages}

Fizzy water is available in Berry Fine, Twisted Apple, Cherry-mint, and cucumber-watermelon flavors


sugarplum biscuits served with fairyberry jam

scones served with fairyberry jam and cream

fairy finger sandwiches* (daily selection varies, Hatter's choice)

green tea fudge

Ask us about our tea party to-go packages!

*No cutlery provided. No fingers served."


  • Madeline and her friends customize the tea shoppe to Blondie Lockes' liking, however it reveals itself to her later on in "Once Upon A Table".
  • Poppy O'Hair and Holly O'Hair have tea there in "O'Hair's Split Ends".
  • The Tea Shoppe is also called a Haberdashery, but it is unclear whether or not it offers things like cloth or sewing items as is customary of a British haberdashery or if it offers men's clothing items as is customary of an American haberdashery.